Sunday, January 30, 2011

life is indeed crafty

       hi hearts ,

     Life is sometimes crafty...Doing craft is always enjoyable . You create so many things . Experiments and adventures go hand in hand . New thoughts , new ideas start coming your way , and then you can't help but start jotting or rather drawing them on papers after papers until a time comes when your mind gets empty ----- totally empty . Now gathering all those papers ( ideas--in fact ) can be a real fun . I know it happens to most of you ( like me ) or may be to all of you but sometimes you don't realise that those are such precious ideas which need attention....



Saturday, January 15, 2011

neckline and embroidery

single solid colour silk top with embroidered sleeves and the only detail I gave was the stitch lines on the neckline with the same colour beauty.

                                                                  see you .

Monday, January 3, 2011

button,ribbon and embroidery..

this is just an old memory . I made this tunic for my daughter. Lovely colour...isn't it ??? I love it too , the bright and bold orange with red stripes , and that big button , and the embroidery which I drew directly on the dress after sewing it..!! Some falling flower bunches here and some there, and also using so many vibrant colour threads made the total dress at once hit for my princess. Well , the raw edge of the fabric on the sides of the ribboned belt was my 8yrs old daughter's idea. She gave me the idea of using the frayed edges and just see it came out to be quite beautiful . So one thing I learned that day was not to throw every cut outs and try using it into something amazing'll surely love it.
                                                                        see you.