Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paint your room-PINK!



   This Summer I'm going to paint my home (at least my room) PINK!

I want to scatter these Pink pillows everywhere... Floral, geometrical, full of hearts and other shapes , swirly, stripes...

Floral pillow on Society6

Floral pillow on Society6

Floral pillow on Society6

Hearts pillow on Society6

Swirly pillow on Society6

Blush pillow on Society6

Geo Blush pillow on KessinHouse

Stripes Blush on KESSinHOUSE

You can purchase these from Society6 shop and through KESSinHOUSE. You can see more collections on Amazon too...

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New prints-OM and Blush+New colours+Newest product

OM art print on Society6 shop


            This was a busy week. It flew away really fast!

Added a few more new prints to my Society6 shop

OM (above), really bright yet calming (I love the colours!)...

Blush, just the right name for shades like these altogether...

Blush- framed art print

Blush- pillow

A great news awaited me in the morning that Society6 has introduced a new product- Duvet covers!!!
Wow, wonderful, isn't it?

You can see the entire collection of my designs on duvet covers here.

Swirly- duvet covers

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2014

New digital downloadable art print-- WISH!

New digital downloadable art print on ETSY

Hello Friday!

      I added this new art print in my Etsy shop. WISH- Make a Wish!

I have given it in 2 different backgrounds- pink and yellow. The size is 6''x6'', good for your home printer too! But you can contact me anytime for a bigger size...

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New patterns available for licensing!

Hello Sunday!

          Today I was busy in printing the new patterns that I have been creating this week!

A good collection full of colourful patterns. These are for fashion fabrics, stationery products, gift wraps, and wall papers, etc.

You can contact me for licensing these patterns on your products.

Have a super day!