Sunday, September 22, 2013

Artist showcase-11..... Deepa Gopal Sunil

''She is what she is with art! For her, Art is a world in itself that transforms her whole being. She is blissful and it transports her to a world where there is peace, joy, self assertion and lots more...''

Hello dear friends,

          Today I would like to introduce Deepa Gopal Sunil--- a jovial, sometimes extrovert and sometimes introvert ‘girl' with a whole lot of dreams, a will to achieve it… eternally optimistic. She describes herself as...'' the right-brained dreamy Piscean who enjoys the artsy work and I am organized where my work is concerned I am a perfectionist which is not always good I suppose, my dear ones often complain.''

She is a home-maker, a self-taught freelance artist and a mom who enjoys the simple pleasures of life... In her own words, ''I see art in almost everything around me...everything inspires me - people, places, nature, customs, traditions, culture...I love everything that's Indian when it comes to theme. I love to express through art! I use various mediums like acrylics, glass, watercolor, oil, fabric, ceramic etc. It's fun to experiment and to come up with something one had not imagined! I design and create art digitally too.''

Read more about Deepa in this small interview !

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to read and listen to some soulful music. I like to spend time with my daughter creating some artsy stuff together

 Describe your style?
I don’t adhere to any particular style. Some may feel it’s a drawback; I used to feel that too. I like to try out all styles and forms. Then I got to think that that’s my style…not adhering to a particular one. I like using bright and warm colours though. At times, I consciously try to use cool colours. I like Indian themes with detailing (folk art forms etc), painting women (especially faces) and abstracts. I love the fluidity of watercolours too.

What's your favorite color?
I love all the colours…it’s difficult to place a finger on one. As mentioned earlier I end up using warm, bright colours in my paintings though.

Tell us about your first painting, and your first show ?
I started painting as a child and honestly I don’t remember the first one. The one I remember as my first accomplishment was ‘The Garden with a Fountain’ which I painted in my school in one of the competitions and which was my first Great win. 
My first show was in 2009 with ARTE – Artisans of the Emirates at Times Square Centre in Dubai. That however is an Art and Craft Souq which takes place every month. My first proper exhibition was in a Yacht in Dubai, it was a group exhibition called Artists Against The Tides-Save The Planet.

When did you get the idea that 'art and painting' was the thing you love?
I think it’s something that’s ingrained deep within. I have always been in love with art but unfortunately I couldn't take up fine arts as my Major and that is something I regret.

Tell us about the mediums that you use in your artworks?
Currently, I love using acrylics…this again is an ever-changing phase. Earlier I used a lot of glass paints. Sometimes I use watercolours and then oils and yet again at times…I go digital. It depends on my mood.

Tell us a bit about your biggest challenge in your career, and the way you handled it?

The biggest challenge…to get to the right place at the right time. I lack a steady flow of work…as one needs to update ones work regularly. I used to work almost daily at a specific time until I moved back to India. Since I have taken up a teaching job right now, I am unable to make time for art on a regular basis. The job is a temporary one so presently I will start working on my art again.

Your greatest inspiration is?

There are many of them…each artist has inspired me in some form or the other. Whether it’s a folk artist from some corner of the world to the world famous artists or the Masters…everyone inspires me.

How would you describe your work place ..? 
I don’t have a workplace as such…I usurp whichever place I like and feel comfortable at that point of time. It  is usually a mess…I need everything before my eyes so I just spread it across the table and sometimes it overflows and covers the floor too !

Where can people contact you ?
You can find me here:


Thank you Deepa ! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful views and beautiful paintings with us...

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