Thursday, August 29, 2013

India !


            INDIA ! as I know... as I see... as, where I live... is this ! Beauty, culture, architecture... are some of the names in the long list of it's description...

I'm from Varanasi  --- the holy city of Lord Shiva. Countless  temples and mosques, sweets and 'paan', gorgeous sarees, stray cows and bulls ! Yes dear people, you'll all find these on the roads of Varanasi ( Benaras).

 Just playing with some of my old pics...   the ghats of Ganges (the topmost image).

Below is a wheel of the famous Konark temple in Orrisa.

See you soon ...

colour of the week--- yellow !

                                                   --INDIAN LOTUS--


           I thought of choosing my own colors of the week. In this way I'll be seriously doing some creative work !

So, this week I choose our own pretty color 'YELLOW'. It can be in any mood--- the sunshine yellow, mustard yellow, lemon yellow,  yummy 'custard' yellow, golden yellow..... but it will be just a yellow ! Excited ...? Yes, me too !

Have a lovely time ....