Thursday, March 31, 2016

Funny polka dots and Pantone colours


    I have changed with time. Just like you.

     I made this happy pattern years ago using only two colours- blue and black with a touch of green as outlines (the last one in the collection below). I was not at all sure what to do with this pattern.

     But then how can I stop myself from playing with this really cute pattern... I have really changed with time and start seeing things in a different way.

    When I thought of redoing this pattern in some happy colours, it reminded me of a room full of colourful balloons, or a garden full of colourful wild flowers, or the colours of Holi... I let my mind run as far as it could and then I collected some lovely and lively Pantone colours to go with my playful mood. Depicting a little Spring and Summer seasons, I re-created the older one. Changing it a bit here and there- rotating a few, resizing a few, adding a few and removing a few, too.

 And here is, at last, my newest collection in black & white, and in multicolour. You can see it on various home products in my SOCIETY6 store.

  The patterns are available for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.

Thank you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beautiful Spring -Summer products for your home






   Some cool and pretty home products to feel the freshness of Spring and Summer! Bright colours, lots of pinks and some pops of oranges and greens too... Come, let us re-decorate our homes this Summer.

You can shop them here-
1) Coral pillow
2) Dots pillow
3) Pink pattern pillow
4) Summer shower curtain
5) Tree of love rug

Enjoy the Spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hand-drawn floral design for painting

Hey everyone,

       How are you? I hope you all are absolutely fine! Now, that the Spring has already made her way on most places around the world, why not bring her in our homes too. But this time not in the flower- pots and vases but on the walls, or on table mats, or on pillow covers...
       I thought of posting this cute little drawing of beautiful flowers, with leaves and twigs for you all to paint or to embroidery... Nice idea, isn't it?
       So, take out your colour boxes and brushes and mixing palettes, or embroidery threads and frames and needles, and get started. I used pencil colours here but I am planning to try this in water colour. And may be I would do some embroidery too.
       A few weeks ago I posted another floral motif for you. Click here to see that post.

       I would love to see how you used this drawing to decorate your lovely home. Feel free to share it with me. This floral drawing is for your own personal use so, please do not sell or use this in your private business. Please contact me if you are interested in my work. Thank you :)

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Orange- the happy colour





 Hello Monday!

   Orange is a very happy colour. Think of a garden full of marigolds, the beautiful sunsets, the fruit- orange- from which the name has been taken, ripe pumpkins...

  I love this colour because it gives an instant shine to any thing and any place. Use this colour to decorate your home and it will make the place vibrant and cheerful. It flows a positive energy in me.

  I love to use this colour in my patterns-
 1- Digital paper for gift wraps, scrapbooking and other craft purposes.
 2- Mug for your morning coffee time.
 3- Notebook, to write down all those lovely thought that flows inside your mind.
 4- Cutting board for your kitchen.

Enjoy your day!