Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer ... some seasonal touches

 hello , all of you,
                          As the heat is rising day by day , the demand to delve deep into cool things is growing too...So , today , i bring before you some cool colours to beat this scorching heat and also to bring some relief to your eyes....!
                          Some light and feathery ferns , dancing bamboos , overall floral , some floral patterns for embroidery as well as painting too. Prints for fabric and paper --- giving all the eyes the cool ice effect it needs....
                          I hope ( and want ) you all enjoy my each and every post from begining to end , and if there's anything you want me to change or add ( some more variety in patterns...) , please feel free to speak up to me --- i'll surely love it...!!!

greeting summer

peacock flower

feathers all-over


ferns decor

floral pattern

icy leaves

brown all-over floral pattern

flowers and leaves

dancing bamboos

flower rolls

multicolour floral rolls

black and white florals

           ......have a nice and cool week.........bye.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

all things mixed up....

  hi there,

                This week I present before you a collection containing lots and lots of oranges and browns .There's a nice and wide range of  applique works and embroidery patterns , some patterns for table mats and runners . Some for stamping and stencilling too . At one place there are applique works with some sequins added for a glitter and at the another , there are only for outlines and beads for sober and cool feel ....

orange floral embroidery and block-print pattern

applique work pattern with sequins and embroidery

pattern for table mats

simple brush work or stencil pattern

block-print pattern, knot stitch embroidery pattern

pattern for table mats and runners

border for embroidery or painting with sequined ends on either sides

applique,embroidery,stencil or painting pattern

border pattern with chain detailings on either sides

all-over pattern for embroidery or painting with lines of tiny beads to decorate


                                   see you next week with some more patterns...
                                        have a fresh and relaxing week , bye.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

floral patterns --- 2

                hi ,
                    this week I tried some embroidery patterns , very Indian and very ethnic . Full of soft curls and delicate leaves , you can paint or embroider it anywhere --- in your garment , on cushions , table spreads , napkins , etc. Block print them if you like .
                please choose your own choice of colours ...

floral embroidery pattern

       the same pattern in border , so that you can use it as a long trail along the bed covers , or on your dress too .

border motif

     single motifs for a scattered and overall- print-look , print it as dress material or embroider it ,

single flowers,embroidery,print

        embroider this as a framed wall piece or use this border on pillow cases etc , ( the choice is always yours ) ...

border motif

     this motif can be done on the back of your tunic top with some additional sequins to give a glittering look . Do this as an embroidered  panel ( without framing ) with some matching beads at the end to hang in rows ( think creative ) .
     While doing it as a wall hanging , sew some loops on the top to put a decorated stick through it . Tie a beautiful string on both the sides and make a loop in the center of the string to hang it on a nail .

embroidered wall piece

                                                     some more pinks and greys.....

    a single pattern, to be embroidered in outline stitches or satin stitch and decorated with additional beads at the ends... or block printed ,

pink embroidery pattern

     the same in overall print , the floral look is lovely and very summery ...

pink floral print

  .... in grey , print it for fashion fabric...

grey embroidery pattern

          ......in overall print , for fashion fabric or paper...

Grey overall print

     falling from the top..., use this to embroider your tunic tops or shirts ( from the shoulders --- along the neckline--- front or back ) , .... applique it , or block print it  or just embroider it embellishing with lots of small golden beads or sequins...

blue trail with beads

    in black and white , you can make it on the back of your shirt or on table cloths , etc. , the choice of colour is totally up to you .

black and white pattern

                                                      more patterns awaiting next week .

                                                                   see you .

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

spring-summer wallpapers...

             this week I've been busy experimenting some patterns on paper out of the ( already posted )  pattern , from my '' swirls...... '' post . I love experimenting and creating new patterns --- almost everyday ! and believe me it makes me so fresh and relaxed .

                This Indian-style leaf pattern ... to be painted as a one-piece-beauty , very ethnic and charming at the same time . Paint it or patch it on your cushion covers ,or for a framed wall piece .

leaf pattern on paper

patterns for wall paper and gift wraps...

    ...the leaf pattern combined with pink highlights , some green stripes , and a few dots to give a soft touch ...

paper pattern in pink

        The above pattern with a slight change in colour ,

paper pattern in green

    I love this grey and orange combo . Well , its not too loud for eyes , just soothing enough to be used anywhere in your home . The leaves in the circle ( of a darker shade of grey ) .

orange and grey

    The closeup of the above pattern . But this one can also be used without the grey squares ( as in the above pic ) . A little bright piece , you can use it to brighten your dull areas around your place .

eye-catching orange


    I really love this one for the super combo ... Neither too bright nor too dull ... just the right colour you want for your home .

eye candy

                                               see you next week with some more patterns .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

floral patterns ---1

           hello summer,
                  as here , in India , we don't quite enjoy spring for long , so its better to welcome summer when it comes... Greens and yellows all around . I also bring you here , patterns full of summer colours . Some fresh motifs , some fresh prints to be thought of using these months ...Embroider it , paint it , block print it , or have it printed on paper or fabric , it will give your place a welcoming look .

          a single flower ,

floral embroidery pattern

           ... nothing looks better than this truly classic black and white . And when combined with some other colours its effect is doubled .
          white polkas over black with a floral border looks nice . The contrast is eye catching , but not too loud to hurt the eyes ...

black and white print

         an over all print for fashion fabric is cute . Spreading all over are the polkas in matching colours --- pink , green , yellow , and brown . A combination of cool colours fills this summer print .

floral print

       pink background filled with yellow flowers --- is good enough for treating the walls of  your daughter's room . Cute strawberry pink wall will be surely liked by her !

pink floral pattern

          a full motif to be painted or embroidered on the pillow cases or on throws . Table runners , place mats  or stoles ... choose any surface , just change the motif a little bit as required .

embroidery , painting motif

see you bye !