Tuesday, May 3, 2011

floral patterns ---1

           hello summer,
                  as here , in India , we don't quite enjoy spring for long , so its better to welcome summer when it comes... Greens and yellows all around . I also bring you here , patterns full of summer colours . Some fresh motifs , some fresh prints to be thought of using these months ...Embroider it , paint it , block print it , or have it printed on paper or fabric , it will give your place a welcoming look .

          a single flower ,

floral embroidery pattern

           ... nothing looks better than this truly classic black and white . And when combined with some other colours its effect is doubled .
          white polkas over black with a floral border looks nice . The contrast is eye catching , but not too loud to hurt the eyes ...

black and white print

         an over all print for fashion fabric is cute . Spreading all over are the polkas in matching colours --- pink , green , yellow , and brown . A combination of cool colours fills this summer print .

floral print

       pink background filled with yellow flowers --- is good enough for treating the walls of  your daughter's room . Cute strawberry pink wall will be surely liked by her !

pink floral pattern

          a full motif to be painted or embroidered on the pillow cases or on throws . Table runners , place mats  or stoles ... choose any surface , just change the motif a little bit as required .

embroidery , painting motif

see you bye !