Tuesday, April 19, 2011

swirls and more swirls ....

      hi there ,
       this week I've tried my best to draw more and more swirly and curly patterns to decorate our homes as well as ourselves , too...!!! ( by painting and embroidering some of these patterns on our garments ) yeah sure , why not ?
So , starting from my first pattern in black and white----
      this can be used as a whole as a painted door piece , paint it on wood or any metal surface etc. , it will surely add a beauty to your home.

        Once again , a black and white print for fabric , such as dress material , curtains , etc.  The big black '' beaded '' swirls adds a highlight to these dots and dense curls...

      Cute patterns for fashion fabrics and for embroidery , too . The heat , this Summer , rises with the demand to wear more and more soft cottons and cool prints .
     Embroider this pattern on any single solid soft fabric for the most effective results . You can make out blocks of them and simply have a '' handmade and homemade '' block-printed dress . The border at the end gives a finished look .  A '' do-it-yourself '' job... or a '' create-it-yourself-and-wear-it-design ''...

 Another variation to the above shown pattern . The swirls exchange places with the floral ,

     Once again , a sight variation in the pattern --- just in case you want more hearts to be embroidered in your garment . Tiny hearts , done in outline stitches and filled ( optional ) with knot stitch or very small beads ... If your garment is in soft and flowing fabric then beads can be the best option , because in any other thick fabric they can hinder your ironing...!

     The black & white, I've already used on the door panel ( as shown in the topmost picture ) . But now its the time to do some changes inside the home also .

     I thought of making a '' set of five '' framed wall pieces --- as paintings or as some embroidery panels ... what do you think ... ??? Well , it can be a good idea ( as i think ) to gift it to your friend or simply decorate the whole set at one go . Applique , patch , embroidery ( hand or machine ) , adding sequins and beads and mirrors , whatever and wherever  needed . Filling , knots , running , outline stitches , etc. , the options are many...

    Outlined swirls,

     Appliqued with pink on a blue cloth . Highlighted with yellow and blue running stitches . It will surely look good when finished with some darker shade of pink , outlined twice , in running stitch . Bright frame work enhances the total look...

     The next framed piece is also appliqued in swirly heart shape . A green heart done on shaded red and orange ( please , choose your own colour combo ... ) . Completed with red running stitch and also outlined till the end , gives a neat look .

The next is a swirly flower appliqued in pink , outlined with green stem stitch and satin stitches ( inside the flower ) ending with a small green bead or a french knot in the center .

     The next in the line is this appliqued  (abstract ) swirl in a florescent - lemon green . A little hard work is needed while making this . First , do a thick outline in the whole circle --- till the center --- in outline stitch , then fill the brackets with many different shades . Now add some small black beads ...

       Last one ( the sixth !!! in the set ) is another black and white . Simply embroider it in satin stitch . The beaded look is quite attractive , and especially when the frame is in a total contrast .
      One thing is for sure , if you want your panels look attractive then always go in for nice frames . Never compromise on frames --- it can make or mar your wall pieces . Choose funky and colourful for a playful look , as I've chosen .

           Now, I've some patterns  ''only for kids '' . I love making things for kids because , here , there is no limitation of thoughts and colours . All the colourful and dreamy things come in this category .
          This pattern is for embroidering  on your kids' dresses , or on the bedsheets , etc. You can also make blocks of this pattern . Block-printing can be a fun too if you engage your kids in them with you...

         If you block-print this pattern , then you can give it a border look too .  By adding another block ( of circles , or any other pattern of your choice ) . Let your imagination run as far as it can...!

        Now , something for your kiddies room too ! Use this pattern for embroidering on the top / shirt , or as a framed wall piece . Add some beads or sequins in the center ...

        This pattern can be used on tiles , or it can also be painted on the window panes . The soft and delicate leaves with small buds ---- this will look good in prints too , for curtains ,etc.

          This border pattern can be painted on the door...! ( as shown below ) . You can embroider it on your dress --- along the neckline , or on the fall of your flowing tunic ... etc. Use satin stitches in green and brown for the leaves and in fuchsia - coloured tiny buds ,  and do outline stitch over the whole pattern in the end , use it anywhere I'm sure this pattern will look beautiful .

           This is a variation of a wall paper pattern I've already posted in one of my earlier posts . I love the soft bluish - grey with beige for the wall . No loud colours , very soothing for eyes...!

        But again , I can't stop myself from using some such brighter tones . As I've already told ( declared , in fact ) in my profile that I'm a colour - loving person .... so , well , I know I'm excused ...
       It's quite fun mixing swirls with checks and big orange circles . The effect is somewhat bright and eye catching,

       Last , but obviously , not the least is this swirly pattern . Amazing colour combo makes it an instant hit . Do it as a tile art ( combining it with equally contrast --- blue ) , or print it for gift wraps or other stationery items , for fashion fabrics , etc. ,  it will give a retro touch...!

   Another retro look for this season . For gift wraps , wall paper , or for upholstery , etc. , use it as any medium , it will be a sure hit .

See you all  next week .
More swirly and curly designs and patterns awaiting to be seen and used by all of you .