Tuesday, May 10, 2011

spring-summer wallpapers...

             this week I've been busy experimenting some patterns on paper out of the ( already posted )  pattern , from my '' swirls...... '' post . I love experimenting and creating new patterns --- almost everyday ! and believe me it makes me so fresh and relaxed .

                This Indian-style leaf pattern ... to be painted as a one-piece-beauty , very ethnic and charming at the same time . Paint it or patch it on your cushion covers ,or for a framed wall piece .

leaf pattern on paper

patterns for wall paper and gift wraps...

    ...the leaf pattern combined with pink highlights , some green stripes , and a few dots to give a soft touch ...

paper pattern in pink

        The above pattern with a slight change in colour ,

paper pattern in green

    I love this grey and orange combo . Well , its not too loud for eyes , just soothing enough to be used anywhere in your home . The leaves in the circle ( of a darker shade of grey ) .

orange and grey

    The closeup of the above pattern . But this one can also be used without the grey squares ( as in the above pic ) . A little bright piece , you can use it to brighten your dull areas around your place .

eye-catching orange


    I really love this one for the super combo ... Neither too bright nor too dull ... just the right colour you want for your home .

eye candy

                                               see you next week with some more patterns .