Tuesday, May 17, 2011

floral patterns --- 2

                hi ,
                    this week I tried some embroidery patterns , very Indian and very ethnic . Full of soft curls and delicate leaves , you can paint or embroider it anywhere --- in your garment , on cushions , table spreads , napkins , etc. Block print them if you like .
                please choose your own choice of colours ...

floral embroidery pattern

       the same pattern in border , so that you can use it as a long trail along the bed covers , or on your dress too .

border motif

     single motifs for a scattered and overall- print-look , print it as dress material or embroider it ,

single flowers,embroidery,print

        embroider this as a framed wall piece or use this border on pillow cases etc , ( the choice is always yours ) ...

border motif

     this motif can be done on the back of your tunic top with some additional sequins to give a glittering look . Do this as an embroidered  panel ( without framing ) with some matching beads at the end to hang in rows ( think creative ) .
     While doing it as a wall hanging , sew some loops on the top to put a decorated stick through it . Tie a beautiful string on both the sides and make a loop in the center of the string to hang it on a nail .

embroidered wall piece

                                                     some more pinks and greys.....

    a single pattern, to be embroidered in outline stitches or satin stitch and decorated with additional beads at the ends... or block printed ,

pink embroidery pattern

     the same in overall print , the floral look is lovely and very summery ...

pink floral print

  .... in grey , print it for fashion fabric...

grey embroidery pattern

          ......in overall print , for fashion fabric or paper...

Grey overall print

     falling from the top..., use this to embroider your tunic tops or shirts ( from the shoulders --- along the neckline--- front or back ) , .... applique it , or block print it  or just embroider it embellishing with lots of small golden beads or sequins...

blue trail with beads

    in black and white , you can make it on the back of your shirt or on table cloths , etc. , the choice of colour is totally up to you .

black and white pattern

                                                      more patterns awaiting next week .

                                                                   see you .