Tuesday, May 24, 2011

all things mixed up....

  hi there,

                This week I present before you a collection containing lots and lots of oranges and browns .There's a nice and wide range of  applique works and embroidery patterns , some patterns for table mats and runners . Some for stamping and stencilling too . At one place there are applique works with some sequins added for a glitter and at the another , there are only for outlines and beads for sober and cool feel ....

orange floral embroidery and block-print pattern

applique work pattern with sequins and embroidery

pattern for table mats

simple brush work or stencil pattern

block-print pattern, knot stitch embroidery pattern

pattern for table mats and runners

border for embroidery or painting with sequined ends on either sides

applique,embroidery,stencil or painting pattern

border pattern with chain detailings on either sides

all-over pattern for embroidery or painting with lines of tiny beads to decorate


                                   see you next week with some more patterns...
                                        have a fresh and relaxing week , bye.