Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer ... some seasonal touches

 hello , all of you,
                          As the heat is rising day by day , the demand to delve deep into cool things is growing too...So , today , i bring before you some cool colours to beat this scorching heat and also to bring some relief to your eyes....!
                          Some light and feathery ferns , dancing bamboos , overall floral , some floral patterns for embroidery as well as painting too. Prints for fabric and paper --- giving all the eyes the cool ice effect it needs....
                          I hope ( and want ) you all enjoy my each and every post from begining to end , and if there's anything you want me to change or add ( some more variety in patterns...) , please feel free to speak up to me --- i'll surely love it...!!!

greeting summer

peacock flower

feathers all-over


ferns decor

floral pattern

icy leaves

brown all-over floral pattern

flowers and leaves

dancing bamboos

flower rolls

multicolour floral rolls

black and white florals

           ......have a nice and cool week.........bye.