Friday, January 18, 2013

quirky hand drawings.....

       Hello sunshine,

                Starting my day and my blog with this sunshine yellow... and hoping our lives be shining like this lovely colour...FOREVER.

               This year I thought of trying some hand drawn-quirky-doodle styled-pencil coloured patterns !!! Hope you enjoy your scroll down.

             as note book covers !!!

            as wall papers and other stationery products

                   as wall art, and gift wraps... and book covers for kids, too

             as .......... well, any thing you like !

              These are all my original works and ideas, so I request you all to enjoy your visit here, but please do not copy or use any of my designs for commercial purposes. If you want any of my motifs/ patterns, then please contact me here   through mailing me... I'll love that, and it takes only a minute or two...! 

                   see you all soon with some more of these fun-quirky designs !!!