Friday, April 12, 2013

seeking inspiration.....



                    When I was doing this wonderful e-course , we were taught to seek inspirations from nature--- shut your computers down, take your cameras-sketchbooks-pens, and just go out of your home !!! Search on the roads, search on your fav shops, search in the gardens, roof tops, rusted nails and door.......... Literally, the list was endless, and endless was the collection we all made at the end of our searches ! Whoa. It was a total fun !

                     Yes, its quite true, when you search for inspiration on the web, you may end up creating the same thing which you see there as your role models ! When you search for something unknown, then only you'll get the real ''models'' for your sketchbooks. Looking at a tree, or a beautiful monument, or a flower , or an insect ---  with various angles can help you draw the same thing in quite a lot of different ways... You will have a variety of motifs/icons of that same 'model'. Amazing, isn't it ? And you can use the whole of your drawings to create a full collection too !

                        I saw this above floral image in , and thought to give it my personal decorative touch. Adding a  few leaves, and some patterns in the background made this single flower --- a complete pattern for kids wall art, home decor...!

                    Liked it...? So keep watching this space for your weekly 'Seeking Inspiration' series !

                        Have a nice time, see you all very soon !