Tuesday, May 21, 2013



                               I can say that today's post is 'strictly' for kids, and kids alone... Lots of butterflies flying in all directions, as in, scarfs, handkerchiefs, bed covers, pillows, wallpapers, dresses ...

                  The classic shades of BLACK and WHITE !

               and, in my fav colours--- Yellow and Orange !

             And some co-ordinate patterns to complete the butterfly pattern.

                Thanks so much for your visits, see you all soon !

 These are all my original works and ideas, so I request you all to enjoy your visit here, but please do not copy or use any of my designs for commercial purposes. If you want any of my motifs/ patterns, then please contact me here nanditark17@gmail.com through mailing me... I'll love that, and it takes only a minute or two...!