Saturday, May 4, 2013

floral wallpaper.....


                  Just a quick post !
              Wallpaper design in soft and cool palette (not exactly my style I know) !

           Yeah, everyone knows about my 'love' for all things bright (and beautiful), and that makes my day... I really love to be surrounded by bright colours and bright people ! 'Bright people'--- OK, creative and lively people--- with full of positive energy, happy moods and all. Why waste time and energy on people who are always in a dull and pessimistic mood/thought ! Who actually has time for that ? AH ! Not me, for sure...

          Well dear, I thought this was going to be a 'quick post' --- but only if I stop being so talkative ! Oops, sorry... So, where was I, hmmm... yes, I was telling you about this soft-colour -brown flower vase-pattern, right ! Good for a wall as a wallpaper. What say ?

             OK, then see you on Monday. ..