Saturday, June 15, 2013

PIN HOP - a wonderful event for pattern lovers.....

Hello to all my lovely readers, 

           I am going to share with you a GRAND and a WONDERFUL  event called ''PIN HOP''. 

    This is the first ever PIN HOP  ... in which around 50 surface pattern designers from all over the world, are taking part !!! Isn't this sound amazingly exciting...? 

Full of eye-candy prints and patterns, this PIN HOP is surely going to make you visit here more and more...

It all started when..... :
       ''...... this January a group of designers got together and created a pattern design blog hop, which turned out a great success!  But looking through more than 50 separate designers blogs took ages!
So, after that weekend they started a serious discussion: How to keep the idea and creative input of a blog hop, but make it easier to pick and mix and find just your favorites? The answer was, of course, Pinterest!
Where else can the visitor get a quick overlook and  pick out exactly want they want to see, without going through every link in a chain? And all designs are clickable, taking the visitor directly to the designers blog, to see the whole portfolio. On pinterest you can also make comments, share, like, and save to your own favorites. Perfect for all visual artists!.........''

Today, June 15, close to 50 designers will pin their best interpretations of 4 different themes from an A/W 13-14 brief (by to this unique board! To see the complete work by any designer that catches your eye, just click on the image!

This board is hosted by Find New Designers, a fast growing directory of independent professional print and pattern designers, found on the website (another great opportunity to find talented pattern designers)... sounds great !!!


This pin hop is organized by Tina Olsson, who sells her design under the name FYLLAYTA which means something like '' to fill the surface'' in Swedish !!! 

The link to the Pin Hop board is: . Here you'll find all the patterns and prints created by these wonderful designers !!! 

So, why wait... just click and explore the beautiful world of surface pattern design...

   see you all soon !