Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Artist showcase-2 ... Gill Eggleston

Hello my lovely readers,

My second artist/designer in this series is Gill Eggleston. She is a textile designer (and artist) with over 20 years experience in the textile industry. She is now working under the name of ''PATTERN ADDICT''... Her work is a mixed of hand drawn and digital.

Here is a lovely interview with Gill --- a peek inside her personal and professional life ! Enjoy your read...

How would you describe yourself ? 
Gregarious, confident and a little bit opinionated :)

 What do you like to do when you are not designing ? 
Feeding my pattern addiction... walking our cute dog, toiling in the garden, cooking (anything and everything), DIY (although I am the painter and decorator rather than the 'drill in hand' kind of gal)

Describe your style ? 
Bold, bright, graphical (and floral) mostly although I do/can paint feminine florals if necessary.

What's your favorite color ? 
Papaya orange

Tell us about your first collection.
I have been designing for years in industry so have created umpteen collections that I can't recall now - this is a bit hard for me to answer. My first ever successful design was when I was still at college and I did a placement at Dorma  where I was asked to design some kids bedding (this was before I ended up working there for some years) My design 'Hopscotch' was selected by BhS and went on sale. The funniest part was, when I did my degree show I had a hanger of the design in the back of my portfolio display case and my lecturer saw it and asked why it was there - I explained, she had no idea of its provenance and had bought it for her son! The biggest thrill was seeing something I had created in a packaging and on a shelf available to buy :) Although as a freelance designer I haven't as yet done a show but have visited many in a professional capacity. 

When did you get the idea that 'designing' was the thing you love ? 
Honestly, since I was about big enough to hold a pencil - I have been a keen 'artist' since childhood, excelled at art at school and start oil painting and water colour painting in my mid-teens. I picked Art as one of my A-levels subject..the rest, as they say is history...leading me into textile studies and then work as a designer.

 Anything you want to share to your readers about setting up his/her own business ?
Be fully-committed to being a success, it is a lot of work, I am a long way off yet but I am not rushing. Be happy to share information with your peers and lend a hand where necessary - it is amazing how much more you get back.

Who is your dream client ? Is there anyone 'special' for whom you would like to design ?
 I don't actually have a dream client as such, mainly as I have worked with a lot of high street retailers from Dunnes - Habitat over the years but I would like to create my own branded range of goodies in time that people can then buy. (one can dream...)

Tell us a bit about your biggest challenge in your career, and the way you handled it ?
 Leaving my full-time job in the UK to move abroad was tough - I had a well-paid, busy role and then it all went to nothing and me being in the house in a foreign place was not an easy thing to cope with - after a short period of self-doubt and negativity that I forced myself out of, I got some focus on what I wanted to do and since then have not stopped working towards it.

Your greatest inspiration is ? 
The late Cecil Skotnes - he was my Aunt's uncle -I was inspired by his work, his personality and joie de vivre that was very special - I was fortunate to know him and visit his home in Cape Town - it was a spectacular space for a creative person to visit and I can still remember it to this day (almost 22 years ago)

How would you describe your work place ?
 Big, bright with a lovely view of our garden. It is cool and pretty tidy in my studio. I am a Virgo and I hate mess as it causes my to feel anxious and unfocused.

Where can people contact you and buy your work ?
My Website: patternaddict.com
Twitter: @patternaddict
You can buy licensed art:
Kim Designs

Buy products with my designs:

See you all very very soon !!!