Monday, August 19, 2013

Artist showcase- 5... Rachana Saurabh


      Hello dear friends,

           Today I would love to feature here a very beautiful and very talented artist Rachana Saurabh, from India, now living  in Cockeysville, Maryland. 

'Rachana' means 'CREATION'..., and in her own words, '' I am full of creativity... I think painting is my inborn talent, gifted to me by God...'' !

Scroll down to read what she has to share here --- her views about herself as an artist, and as a homemaker and mommy of a cutie daughter !


How would you describe yourself ?
A dreamer, my imaginations has made me what I am today An Artist. My most of the painting/project inspiration I get from my dreams.. My name is Rachana, means Creation in English - I love to create some-thing new. I am a self-tough artist see something and can find how it has been made.

What do you like to do when you are not designing ?
If I am not designing I am a simple housewife, I cook for my husband and play with my daughter. But every night my dreams will follow my imagination for my next subject / project.  

How would you describe your style ?
I follow Indian contemporary art, portraying Indian traditions on my canvas makes me feel like I am in India, surrounded by our costumes and traditions.

What's your favorite color ?
My favorite color, now that's a good question. I play with all different colors on canvas, but I love Black the most. Reason, if you combine all three basic colors, red, yellow, blue - it becomes black !!!

Tell us about your first painting ?
Painting was my hobby in school, taking part in art competition and winning them like other students. My husband encouraged me to continue my art and I started my blog. In beginning I was making my old school sketches in painting, but as then I focused on capturing Indian traditions. Telling about my one inspiration. I was viewing my wedding album, and missing my mom. My that thought created a beautiful painting which is so close to my heart.  -"Kanya Viday" - An emotional farewell"

When did you get the idea that 'painting and art ' was the thing you love ?
From my childhood I would say.. I was 6 years old when I won first drawing competition of my life. That was the best motivation for me that I can create and win!  

Anything you want to share to your readers about setting up his/her own business ?
Setting up my own business is something I am not able to answer. A biggest challenge as without good marketing and word-spread about your art / your things ... its hard.

Who is your dream client ?
Well,all my clients are special, I make their dreams alive...

Tell us a bit about your biggest challenge in your career, and the way you handled it ?
My biggest challenge is to get credit for my work. Niharika Sharma - A fashion designer copied and used my painting "Panihari" for her collection of "WIFW 2012". I have contacted Times of India, FDCI India, spread in media and tried to reach every-where possible, but nothing happened, though designer herself accepted that she copied my work!!

Your greatest inspiration is ?
My greatest inspiration is India.. Our culture, costumes and days I have spend in my dream-land.

How would you describe your work place?
I have created a small studio in my apartment. My work table surrounded by plants, and has a beautiful pool view. On one wall I have painting prints  and my daughter's picture on second wall...

Where can people contact you ?
You can always contact me at my e-mail address, ESSENCEOFARTS@GMAIL.COM, or visit my blog WWW.ESSENCEOFARTS.COM for all my painting updates.. These days I am making OOAK clay jewelries, and art pieces. You can check them at "Mitti Designs's FacebooKpage . Please say ''Hi'' whenever you stop by at 'My Creations' !!!


I just love the bright colours she uses in her paintings... wow... Well, you all know my weakness for colours, hmm...

See you all soon !