Friday, September 27, 2013

Artist showcase-12 .... Suman Sharma

Hello everyone,

         Please meet Suman Sharma, a surface pattern designer. Suman is from India and now she lives in Hordaland (Norway), with her hubby and a cutie daughter !

 She describes herself as,'' a woman with strong will power and hard-working when it comes to my first love, Design. Designing is part of my life. I am a Fashion and Textile designer by profession, a mother of a sweet princess, a loving and caring wife and Bachelor  in  Arts from University of Rajasthan (India).  I have a professional qualification in Textile and Fashion design....''

Just a sweet interview with her to know more about her as a designer and a mommy ... and how she handles her work and home together in a great balance... So--- HAPPY READING !

 What do you like to do when you are not designing ?
In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and to go for a walk with them, where I can  enjoy  the nature, fortunately, I live in a beautiful city with an abundance of natural beauty.

 How would you describe your style ? 
I love to design traditional Indian patterns in a unique style which can be mixed and matched with both traditional and  modern styles. I always try to make feminine and youthful designs in my prints.

Any favourite colour ?
I like all colours according to trend and fashion. But black, white and green are my favourite colours these days !

Tell us about your first collection and your first show ?
My first collection was computer aided fashion illustrations. This project was inspired by Erdem Moraligue prints used in dress designing, this prints were created using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

 During the project of working on prints and referring the work of different successful designers, I came across the work of Erdem Moraligue. His unique style of designing dresses with the selection of bright colours and floral prints struck me at my first sight and I explored more. I fell in the love of beautiful colours he uses, his imaginative collection inspired for my colour selection and prints on my dress designing.

My first show was I * Designed made-ups for an International Exhibition. Held at Pragati Medan (Delhi, INDIA) The work was quite traditional with beads, patch work and embroidery...   

 When did you get the idea that 'designing' was the thing you love ?
I was good at drawing and painting since childhood, I used to create greeting cards for my sisters and loved ones when I was 12 yrs old and this passion grew as I grew and I took on designing as my profession.

 Anything you want to share with your readers about setting up his/her own business ?
Let your passion for designing always drive you, never let it die. For me it was love for designing and never say die attitude which brought me where I am today. There are bound to be low and high times in your journey.

Who is your dream client ? 
I don’t really have big dreams, but I am working hard  to establish my own brand and be one of known designers in the industry.

Besides patterns designing what are your other interests ?
Beside pattern designing I really enjoy doing fashion sketches, business logos and business cards, and greeting cards.

Tell us a bit about your biggest challenge in your career, and the way you handled it ?
The biggest challenge I dealt in my career was not at professional front, it was the balance of professional aspirations and personal life. I had to wait and still keep the passion alive for almost six years while upbringing my daughter. I utilized this period to enhance my skills by learning new technologies in designing. And now when I can focus on my profession, I am using the skills and techniques learnt.

 Your greatest inspiration is ?
 My greatest inspiration is my own imagination that draws me to design, I am always inspired by my environment and my imagination always helps me in my designs. Due to the effect of youthful colours and designs on my mood, it make my work effortless, I never feels tiresome.

Where can people contact you ?
People can contact me here :

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Thanks Suman !!!

It is really great to know that each and every person has a different view about life and work ! Balancing personal and professional lives together, facing challenges everyday, keeping his/her creativity alive... there are so many places where we have to show our best ! We can't dare to compromise at any single role --- but that's what is called life ... isn't it ?

Have a lovely weekend, I'll meet you on Monday... ( ahaa... taking a quick and short holiday --- a two-days holiday !!! )