Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Artist showcase-8... Peacocks and Paisleys


               Introducing a beautiful website--- ''Peacocks and Paisleys''---Connecting you to ancient traditions, exotic and faraway places....

Priya was born and brought up in India and moved to Australia in her 20's. She love both countries and her work is an amalgamation of her love for both. In her own words, '' Peacocks and Paisleys reflects my love for India and its old traditions and art all the while pairing it with the modern contemporary world I live in .''
''Peacocks And Paisleys is about "Embracing and Expressing your Style". Here you will find home goods -bohemian quilt covers, decorative pillow covers, Indian Tablecloths and bespoke napkins.

 Happy reading !

How would you describe yourself ?
I am courageous, creative and moody. I cannot do the same thing over and over again. I believe you live only once so don't hold back.

 What do you like to do when you are not designing ?
Designing is my creative outlet and not work to me. When not designing I can be found doing the usual chores plus recently I have taken up knitting - love it, never knew it could be a stress buster.

Describe your style ?
My style is modern mixed with traditional and with my Indian upbringing it is more bohemian eclectic. I am partial to floral , I love colour but I don't want to be boxed so I am always looking to experiment and surprise.

What's your favorite color ?
I love pink for its feminine feel and yellow for the happiness vibe plus turquoise , so soothing.

Tell us about your first collection and your first show ?
My first collection was inspired from traditional block prints and bright colours. To me it was a reflection of my love for colour and block printing. My first show was a fair trade event. I connected with a lot of like minded souls and got great reviews.

When did you get the idea that 'designing' was the thing you love ?
I am trained to be a dentist and creating or designing was always a hobby and not a career. But after having my kids I wanted to do something different and Peacocks And Paisleys was born.

 Anything you want to share to your readers about setting up his/her own business ?
My advice is to "get started no matter what". Taking the step without knowing the destination is hard and daunting but if you believe in yourself you will get there. Plus "never  follow the crowd ". Do something different, do something "you".

Who is your dream client ? Is there anyone 'special' for whom you would like to design ?
All my clients are special in their own way .

Tell us a bit about your biggest challenge in your career, and the way you handled it ?
Balancing home and work is hard to me and I am still working towards a fine balance.

Your greatest inspiration is ?
17th and 18th century Indian arts and crafts .

 Where can people contact you ?(+ see and buy your work)
My Website -

You can contact me here:


Thanks so much Priya for this lovely interview !

India is famous for many amazing things and hand-block print is just one of them...  If you are in search for some rare hand-block printed gifts for yourself this coming festive season... Peacocks and Paisleys will be your one and only destination !!!

See you all soon ...