Saturday, December 14, 2013

Artist Showcase-19 ..... Majo B V

Hello friends,

         Today I have a wonderful person in my blog  Maria José Bautista V, who is a 'Fashion and Surface Pattern Designer in love with whimsical, bright, and fun design.... She is from Columbia and currently lives in Milan, Italy.

A peek into her life as a super SPD--- surface pattern designer!
Happy reading!!!

How would you describe yourself ?
An eternal dreamer... I've always believed that with hard-work, enthusiasm and passion you can conquer whatever you set your mind and heart on !

What do you like to do when you are not designing ?
I'm a big of a TV addict... I watch TV when I'm designing and when I'm not, hehehe. I also like to spend time with my family, friends and dogs (especially at the farm). I like going out for dinner or a simple bike trip.
I also LOVE travelling... it is actually one of my passions.

 Describe your style ?
My work is refreshing and playful, colourful  and free. It is filled with layered textures and suave shapes. I’m influenced by the eclectic craft and cultural Colombian heritage as well as by my enthusiasm for both Scandinavian and Folk art.

What's your favorite color ?
I LOVE colours, especially bright ones... but often I'm attracted to pinks: from barbie pink, to fuchsia and neon pink.

Tell us about your first collection ( what was the idea behind that theme...) and your first show ?
My first SPD (Surface Pattern Design) collection? Well... I designed a very cool one when I was in college but never finished it (oops!) Then, when I decided to get back to textile design in 2010, my first collection was Hazelnuts.

When did you get the idea that 'designing' was the thing you love ?
Ever since I can remember... I don't know exactly why or when, but I do remember being a very little girl (a toddler) and telling my dad I wanted to move to Paris and become a famous Fashion Designer (now a famous SPDer, hehehe)

Anything you want to share to your readers about setting up his/her own business ?
I'm still setting up my business and feel I still have a loooong way ahead of me. However, I should have had it set by now if it wasn't for two huge mistakes I constantly make: I'm a huge procrastinator and a '90% Artist. I keep leaving things for later when I should do them now. I think that's my biggest defect. I'm like that in every aspect, not just work. I'm trying to get better though. What about being a '90% Artist? well... that's a term I recently learnt in Be A Successful Artist ecourse and the minute it was mentioned I realised that was me: I start many many projects and designs and things in general, but then leave them unfinished when all I need is a little more time or energy. Another horrible defect I'm doing my best to correct.

Who is your dream client ?
Mmm... this is a complicated question. All I have are dream clients, hehehe. Let's divide them by markets:

Fashion: I'd like to design a minimal and bright fabric collection for Jil Sander. I'd also like to design some quirky and whimsical prints for Marc Jacobs and Stella McCarney kids.
Interior: of course IKEA! Marimekko
Stationery: Paperchase, Papersource, Tigerprint, Hallmark :)
I have many more brands in my client wish list, but lets not disclose them all!

Tell us a bit about your biggest challenge in your career, and the way you handled it ?
I'm living it right now--- my Dad's passing away earlier this October. It's been really hard to pick up where I left when everything happened. I'm doing my best, but it is still extremely hard.

Your greatest inspiration is ?
I’m inspired by everything around me, anywhere I am. Daily life is filled with exciting ways and forms that light my creativity-bulbs. I’m fascinated by colors, shapes and textures found in nature; enchanted by children's drawings and handwriting; fond of all things “cute”, animals (especially furry ones), textiles, sewing, all kind of DIY projects, costumes (firm believer that any occasion is good to dress up!), childlike things, gelato, chocolate and Nutella, my mom and grandma's food, and have also a peculiar obsession for fake eyelashes.

How would you describe your work place  ..?
MESSY! I can work wherever I am... all I need is my sketchbook, a pencil, rubber, 0.2 Staedtler Pigment Liner, my MacBook Pro, bamboo wacom, and a camera.

Where can people contact you ?



 Enjoy your weekend !