Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New year resolutions !


    Yes, its that time of the year again...

Planning for making another ''NEW YEAR RESOLUTION LIST''??? Hmm... me too. So, what are your plans for the next year (or at least you'll try your best to fulfill them)!

My plans :

1- To LOOSE WEIGHT(a bit) !!! Yeah, I've been trying my best to shed some weight but...... OK, this year I'll try my best to start with a very practical schedule and stick to it totally. May be it will be a good idea to share my progress from time to time, that way I won't leave the regime in the middle!

2- To complete some of the pending/mending works! Ah, I'm a total lazy person where mending work is concerned! But I must remember this simple quote--- ''a stitch in time saves nine'' isn't it ???

3-  To do more what I love to do (drawing, drawing, and moooooore drawing) ! Yippeee, this is the one thing I love doing all the time. Drawing/doodling is just like meditation to me. It gives me peace. It takes me to some other part of the world where I'm alone with my imaginations... running wildly, sometimes flying everywhere, everywhere,  EVERYWHERE.

4-  To be more POSITIVE. I'm a person who likes to stay positive all the time. Life indeed is full of uncertainty. But staying positive helps you to think and act rationally. Staying positive helps you to make your decisions practical and correct. Agree???

5- To dance more! Hee... hee... I love dancing...!!!

6- To work hard. Really I have to do this if I want my career to reach some good heights.

7- Try to learn one new thing. Last year I 'learned' swimming'! This year I learned how to paint with oil colours on canvas... It was fun. My hands were covered with colours, the smell of linseed oil...ummm just yummy ! I enjoyed my painting classes. I have to find what is next in my learning process...

8- Eat less. I become a hungry monster whenever I see some delicious food... hee..hee... I have to teach myself to control (and remind myself of point no. 1-- LOOSE WEIGHT!)

9- Pray God to give me strength --- to stay focused (and motivated) for the above mentioned plans!!!

So, these are just a few plans that I'll start my new year with. You see I have revealed a part of my personality that was totally hidden from you all... I am a human being. I'm NOT perfect, but at least I can try my best to achieve whatever I've planned for the coming year 2014...


If you want to share your new year plans with me, you can write them here in the comment section! I'll be very happy to read it...

See you soon!