Thursday, January 16, 2014

What to do with digital papers???

Hello dear friends,

What do people think when they see beautiful papers with pretty patterns? They simply get confused and ask themselves--- ''What to do with these papers???'' Ah!

There was a time when I used to ask the same question to myself, but not anymore... Here are a few things you can do with these patterned papers (size 12x12 inches) ---

1) You can make pretty bookmarks for your favorite book! Not only for yourself but for your sis, bro(if he really reads books!), and for your best-est friends too!

2) You can also make customized gift tags (small ones in various shapes-- hearts, floral, leaves/twigs, circle, rectangle or star...). Write on them your messages and there you go!

3) Scrapbooks are a rage... always! And if you create a handmade, personalized scrapbook for your friends/siblings as a gift, then there is not a single thing compared to this love!

4) Greeting cards! The more said about this the less...

5) You always want small gift bags and pretty envelopes to keep your tiny treasures... don't you? OR, you sometimes find it difficult to wrap a tiny delicate ring, ear lobes, candies, hair clips,etc, for gifting... don't you???
 YUP, these pretty papers will solve your problem in a second. Just wrap them up in these papers... making a lovely gift pouches/gift bags/cute envelopes in any shape you like!

6) You can also use these papers to write letters, make a TO-DO-LIST, weekly/daily planner........

7) Hide your worn out journals, sketch-books with these patterned papers... Give your old books a new look!

8) If you run a blog (like me) then you can use these patterns as your blog background too! Hmm, sounds good!

9) You can simply choose two or three papers that go together, and get it framed as your wall decor! Oh WOW, you can do that all by yourself at home, as a craft project--- ''Room Makeover Project''!

10) OK, now enough of these brilliant ideas... You can simply roll these in cone shapes to fill chips/wafers/pop corns or any dry snack in your next get-together event!!!

I couldn't wait for this final idea. I am a great foodie! And this is what I do when I give dry snacks to my daughters... saves your energy and time of doing the dishes later on! And this way even your 'simple' dry fruits and candies will look tempting... isn't it? Try it yourself!

Find some of these patterned papers in my Etsy shop ---

Have a lovely day !