Friday, February 21, 2014

I am Creative- Gift Tags!

Hello Friday!

        I love Fridays, it indicates that now (at least) I have two full days to relax, to sleep, to think about my next week's plans, to go out for a dinner, to have FUN...FUN...and more FUN!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!

But before I start my weekend plans, its time again for some creativity...

Today I am showing you how to make your very own homemade and handmade gift tags!

Things you need :

1) Two colourful card sheets (contrast would be better)
2) Pen, markers
3) Letters (optional)
4) Scissors
5) Glue

Start with drawing a letter on a colourful paper. Remember to use white markers if you choose dark/bright coloured papers...

 Cut the letter out of the paper

Cut a gift tag in rectangle/square/triangle shape.

Stick your ''letter'' on this tag and draw any motifs/doodle art you like.

Make a hole for the ribbon.

Tadaaa... Here you are with a fun project done by you!!!

Have fun!