Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I am Creative--- Handmade coaster!


Hello everyone,

             I am starting a new series of some craft work in my blog! But I can't promise if it will be very regular... (you already know how lazy I am!!!). But whenever I'll make any new craft work with the help of my daughters I'll post it here!!!

This week I made this 'handmade and homemade' paper coaster!

The best thing is that you don't need much costly things to make this. Everything you need to show your creativity is always available at your home... just search for them and keep it all at one place...

Things needed:
1. Thick card sheet
2. Scissors
3. Sketch-pens/felt-tip pens
4. A big SMILE and a lot of LOVE!


1) OK, to start with, I took this thick card sheet, drew a paisley shaped motif in free hand style (remember,  you don't have to be perfect!).

2) Cut out the template and draw on it...
 I made this floral motifs and other decorative border designs directly with a pink sketch-pen (my kids'), and gave some highlights with the purple colour sketch-pen!

3) ENJOY!!!
Tadaa... here is your center piece/conversation starter/talk of your next kitty party...

Some more images

Just remember:  1) You can add some glitter glues and metallic colours too!
                         2) This paper coaster can be used only where there is no wet areas... otherwise your paper will get damaged!!!

But still it can be a fun project if you have some small kids at home whom you want to keep busy.