Monday, March 31, 2014

Cute coasters from Bespo

Hello Monday!

New week, new day. 
           New ambitions to make, new goals to set. 
                            New dreams to see, new achievements to get...

Everything is new in me today. Feeling fresh and super charged by taking a break from my pattern designing for a week! Yes, a total week off...

I spent my ''quick vacation'' sleeping, reading, listening to my daughters playing guitar... But no designing--- not even doodling on paper too... I just wanted to be myself --- to take time to enjoy my surroundings--- to let myself go with the flow. Meditating.

Now I am back with these super cute coasters for your dining areas... from BESPO, my BESPO store!

These beautiful patterns are selling in Bespo as coasters and pillows..

Happy shopping!