Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Summer- a set of 4 pillows!


I added 4 new pillows in teal in my Zazzle shop

Summer is here. Decorate your favourite spaces with these printed pillows...

Floral (topmost)




The original patterns

''Teal Collection'' was created for my friend Andrea Rincon's blog.
 Each week she gives a real brief to work on. I was really inspired by this week's brief --'' make a set of 4 designs using a TEAL in each one of them''. The brief doesn't ends here, it also said us to ''use different classifications for each design''!
Tadaa..., this time she really made me do some serious job ( thanks Andrea! ).

 I am soooo proud to have these patterns as pillows on ZAZZLE!

Have a lovely week ahead!