Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My 'Sahara Desert' and a dress!

Hello Sunshine!

    You know sometimes I think that each and every drawing/design has a story to tell. And, today I am going to share with you the story behind this print that I made some 2 years ago for Society6 store...

I remember well, it was when I thought of doing something different from what I usually created ( paisleys and other delicate floral) for my blog, that this design came into my mind. I started with some lines, wavy lines. And now what? My brain ran in all directions but no better idea came as to what to do with these waves! OK, let's try this and I started filling those spaces between the 'waves' with some 'jump patterns'... Now, you know what exactly a 'jump pattern' is, isn't it? Well, the preschoolers are taught how to write their first alphabets and here these different ways of writing comes handy. 'Jump patterns' are a good way to try when they have to learn how to write the letters-- 'n', 'm', etc. So, I filled all the blank spaces with these jumping patten and was as happy as a kid! Wow!

Now comes the main part of designing--- naming your pattern! OH GOD! I can't name it 'JUMP PATTERN! Oh, no no, never. I mean, just imagine, anyone visits my Society6 store to buy a  print called 'jump'... Grrrr... a good name, a good name for my newest pattern...

Well, then I remembered my Facebook friends and I showed them this print in all the colourways, and asked them to name it. YES! I had to do this. It was impossible for my mind alone to think of a suitable name for this kind of abstract pattern... (You can read the full post here--- http://nanditark-lifeiscrafty.blogspot.in/2013/09/sahara-desert.html

Hmmm..., I still remember someone telling it--- 'Waves', 'The ups and downs of our design career', Sand dunes in a desert--- Sahara Desert'... and so on.

I liked the idea of Sahara Desert, and named my print, and made it available for sale in my store on variety of products. The print looks lovely on all the products. But on a dress..???

Dress? I never imagined what a dress would look with this print. But you see it looks pretty! Yes, my 'Sahara Desert' print is available as a beautiful dress in Anthropologie as a dress.

More colour options available in Society6.

You can still buy this pattern as products of your choice from Society6 store.

If you are a buyer, and want to see this pattern in one of your products then please contact me...

Thank you so much!