Monday, February 29, 2016

Declutter and reorganize your life in 5 simple ways

    De-clutter your home and Reorganize your life--- for a happy you!

  The word declutter makes me think quickly about some sort of 'mental and physical work' together. 'Spring cleaning' sounds and feels more relaxing as if I am going to enjoy the beauty of the Spring season while clearing the clutter of my home.

  What actually is Decluttering? How can you (and I) make this task not so tedious? When and how often should we plan to clean the clutter from our sweet homes? There are a lots of questions in everybody's minds but only a few have the ability to make the task easy and fun.

  There are a few simple, tried-and-tested rules to keep a house clean and clutter-free.

 1) Is it beautiful or useful? As we all know the saying, 'there should be not a single thing in your home that is not beautiful or useful to you'. This simply explains us to not to keep anything more than we need in our life. If you love to decorate your house with some indoor plants or paintings or with some cute small artefacts, then you must see that it doesn't give a cluttered look. You should know how much décor items are enough. Sometimes being a minimalist brings happiness to our souls.

  2)  Have you used it in a year or two? People often say if you haven't used a thing in a year then it is possible that you won't be needing it any more. But I think you should give a few things (only a few things) a second chance before dumping it into the 'give away' bag. Sometimes a stole, a pair of sandals, bangles, story books, etc. were not made to be used at that time. May be now is the time, may be this year... You will see sometimes a second thought was worth it. After all, you invested your money in it, don't let it go wasted.

  3) Is it a memory? It is quite difficult to part away with beautiful memories- happy or sad. Childhood pics (too faded to recognise the smiling faces), kids' first toys, your grand-mom's embroidered hankies, your favourite pen (that no longer works), dried roses (reminder of your first love)... Do you really need those things now??? Rethink. If yes, make a digital copies of all those old photos. Buy a really beautiful box to keep your kids' childhood memories in it to show them when they grow up (I have done that too!). And for all those dried flowers and cards and hankies etc, make a lovely scrapbook with good quality papers to hold those treasures till your lifetime...

  4)  Random things like a bag full of colour boxes, chocolates, small toys and dolls (your child got as return gifts from birthday parties), old/new clothes you won't wear any more, crockery and cutlery you don't use, old books and children story books, old sweaters and blankets, furniture, guitar, buckets... the list becomes endless when it comes to see the actual usefulness of our belongings. I will not say to throw them in the garbage area. Give them to those who are in need of these things. Ask your household helper if he/she finds anything useful for their homes, or do they know anyone who can use these things.

  5) Craft and creative things like fabric 'leftovers', buttons, threads, embroidery frames and other supplies, ribbons and laces, beads and sequins, craft scissors and other accessories, etc. that you once collected for your hobbies, give them to someone who makes handmade things. Ask online for a 'creative' give-away, or, ask your nearest craft supplies dealer if he knows anyone who might be interested in getting this treasure for free! You will not only get a home for your craft supplies but also you will get a few good friends to share your own creative knowledge with.

  Everyone loves a clean, clutter-free and stress-free home. There are only a few ways to keep your happy place free from any clutter, forever.

   * Your desires are unlimited BUT the storage space at your home is limited. Remember this.                  Always.
   * Think twice before you buy.
   * Don't get tempted by the 'SALE' word.
   * Avoid impulsive shopping. Whether it is just a cute ceramic platter, a very beautiful scarf, an oh-         so-pretty soap dish. Ask yourself- Do I really need this? Continue asking this question until your         husband pushes you out of the store.
   * Not every pretty thing is made for me-- keep repeating this whenever you loose confidence.
   * Give cash gifts to avoid clutter at your friends' homes too.
   * Make it a daily routine to check the unwanted things on the desk and other surfaces while dusting.       Newspaper, empty envelops, etc.
   * Twice in a week check your fridge and kitchen store for leftover food.
   * Check for expiry dates on food products monthly.
   * Make it a habit of removing the clothes, footwear, other accessories that you think you'll not need       in the next Summer while storing them in Winter...
   * Twice or thrice in a year check the expiry dates of the medicines.
   * Start with smaller and simpler cleaning areas first.
   * Take your family's help too. Time to time remind the children to keep their spaces clean.
   * Putting the things back to their respective places after use will avoid clutter.
   * Reorganize what is still left with you. Happily and religiously.

   Freeing your home with unwanted things is not an easy task when every little thing has its own story to tell.

  I never think of decluttering as 'get rid' of things. Some of these are the same things that we brought into our homes with great love and pride, once upon a time... I know it is hard to part with what you love.

  Thank you.