Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions- Inspiration (hunt and gather) - 1



I hope you all are having a wonderful time in this lovely post Spring season- the early Summer days! Enjoying the sunshine, a little bit of showers here and there, the greenery all around us and also a variety of sweet-scented Summery flowers that this season offers! Inspirations everywhere.

Today, I thought of talking about one of the main 'ingredients' of designing- Inspiration- where to hunt for it and what to do when you have gathered it!

You must've read that inspirations can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. In my last blogpost, I had talked about our humble abode, which have so many inspiring things that we have gathered or have been gifted to us! I think you might like to take a quick look at your home once again before going outside in search of some new ones... 

I believe every thing has a story to tell. So let each piece of your home décor tell its story. Why you bought them, what inspired you when you first saw it in a shop- the colour, print, shape, textures, some old childhood memory, your friend, some place or food- something, anything. Then start from there. 

Today we will see all the offline things that inspire us in our daily lives - things that are in or around our homes.


Finding inspiration inside our own homes--  

-Textiles and home décor items-The colourful kitchen linens and kitchen wares or utensils. Look for the colours and motifs that inspired you when you brought them home! 

The beautiful doormat, bathmat, shower curtains, table runners, area rugs or durries, etc. Even the dustbins come in such lovely shapes and colours! These objects can help you see the colour palettes used in them, the scales of motif design (big motifs or small motifs/icons), the prints and patterns on them (floral, geometrical, plaids and stripes, etc.) and how some of those prints connect with each other. This knowledge will be very useful if you are interested in creating artworks for home furnishing and home décor market.

- Books and magazines- For colour and print trends, architectural details, food/travel and nature photography, fashion images and illustrations. Read articles about what inspires other people and how they use that inspiration in their work and daily life. 

If you have small children at your home, you can see how children's story books have simple stories with cute and pretty illustrations. That might help you in creating your own range of kids' art.

- Your own sketch books, maybe from school or college days! It is always a good idea to go back to your old sketchbooks and draw inspiration from them. Those were the days when we really did some great work without waiting for inspiring ideas to come to us, whether it was in the form of school assignments or random sketches between lectures.

You can also set a still life on a table with a few objects from around your house to practice drawing. 

- Movies and drama- There are many movies that revolve around a certain time period or theme. The settings (the room decor-wallpapers, furniture, curtains, the colour of the walls, detailed carvings and paintings), the characters, the clothes (prints and embroidery and other details), the decor pieces (candle stands, cutlery pieces, fruit baskets, coat stands, etc.), reflect that particular age/theme. Even the colour palette used in these movies are beautiful. Some movies that inspire me (no matter how many times I re-watch them) are The Chronicles of Narnia (war and fantasy), Alice in Wonderland (fantasy), Prince of Persia (Persian charm), Little Women (period drama), Saving Mr. Banks (biography),  1917 (war), Hidden Figures (biographical drama) and the Harry Potter series (fantasy)! Watching movies like these (or even science fictions) might help you get some amazing ideas to create some new designs.

- Kitchen garden/backyard garden or potted plants- If you are interested in kitchen or food related artworks, you might want to take a walk in your own backyard as fruits, vegetables, plants (and planters) come in many different shapes, sizes and colours.

- The colours and textures of the walls of your home- if you live in an old house, you can gather some amazing textures and details that you can use in your designs. The flooring, the designs on the tiles, etc. If you just start noticing these small details, you will realize that there are many natural and manmade patterns which can be found scattered everywhere in our homes.

The materials (fabric pieces, paper or wood), the textures, the prints and patterns, the embroidery/printed designs on them are your greatest source of inspiration. Collect them, arrange them flat on your table and make a mood board. Take a picture of it, print it out, add some extra notes if you are flooding with ideas, and stick it somewhere you can see it everyday!

 Now it's time to start with your first sketches...

Trust yourself and enjoy the process.

Have a creative day!