Saturday, June 5, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions- Inspiration (hunt and gather) - 2



I hope you all are doing fine!

As you know that I started this series, a few months ago, just to share my journey as a pattern designer. But, I want to let you know that the process I used in searching for inspiration or pattern making etc. are not industry norms. These are just a few ways that has worked for me till now as a self-taught artist. You may have approached the same process in other ways that had suited your work style. And that is great!

So, I think, every route is fine as long as it works for us...

Continuing with our search for inspiration or the things, places or objects, etc. that motivates us to create some new and exciting designs or artworks. Today we will leave our homes, and go out for a walk and see what we can find! Try to notice even the smallest details that you see and note down those ideas that come in your mind at that moment. We tend to forget things (actually I tend to forget the details when I reach back home!). So, noting it down that very moment is a good idea. You can also take a few pictures of it. 


Finding inspirations outside your homes-  

These days, going out in search for inspiring things is not a very good idea. I would suggest you to stay home and stay safe as much as possible. But in near future when Covid will not be a threat, we can be able to go outside and collect beautiful images to use in our artworks. 

Here are a few of things that I still love to see when I am out on the road,,,

- I like to see tyres (tires) of vehicles on the road. Truck tyres, car tyres, any tyres...  Shocking, isn't it? But have you noticed they are so pretty! The metallic geometrical patterns on them are so gorgeous, you can get ideas to make beautiful and decorative mandala patterns from them. Who knew tyres can be so inspiring!

- I also love to see the designs on drain covers (manholes)! They have some really beautiful designs on them- rectangular, circular or just simple jaali-style. They can really give you a lot of ideas if you like to design intricate and detailed drawings.

- Farmers' market- the colours of seasonal fruits and vegetables, the shapes of salad leaves, the flowers, the variety of masalas (spices) and dried fruits, honey, the variety of eggs, the homemade baked goodies, handmade homeware/kitchenware, the hand-woven baskets in which they keep their things, the textures on wooden crates etc. There are plenty of things to be found in your weekly farmers' market. Take a lot of pictures of them (for colour palettes) or do some quick sketches, to use them later on to create seasonal and food related artworks. They will provide you with original ideas, and will also be an easy access to what is available in your area and country in that particular season.

- Local market and fashion- handmade goods/clothes and hand crafted things made by the local artisans. From fancy ear rings to purses and slippers- these products will be unique to your area and will give a uniqueness to your designs and artworks. The materials and the additional elements they use as details. For example, cushions and soft furnishing items with colourful buttons, tassels, pompoms or decorative frills and laces. That helps to create a boho or vintage look. If you are interested in doing some editorial illustrations for your favourite home decor  magazine, I am sure these findings will be very helpful.

-Typography- The road signs, the shop names, the banners and advertisements painted or pasted on the walls etc. These typos will give you great innovative ideas to use them in your hand-lettering projects. I live in India and here we have those beautiful truck art with great hand painted words and phrases, and beautiful art in real bright colours! They are a real beauty.

- Market places, restaurants and roadside food joints, outside a metro station or bus stations or any places where you can see and study people- what are they doing, their postures, body and facial expressions, behavior, etc. 

These are are also places where you can find almost all types of vehicles to draw!

Taking pictures or making quick sketches in these live locations will give your work an extra uniqueness. Because these are the things that only you have seen, noticed and found. So the details, the colours and the expressions that you use in your designs will surely be a lot more different than any other designers/artists. These will be original, very fresh and beautiful concepts.

- I love historical buildings, especially old monuments with great detailed works , museums with ancient artifacts. 

You can visit modern museums, local art galleries, old and new monuments, libraries, bookstores...

- Local parks and botanical gardens. Trees, branches, twigs, seeds and seedpods, decaying leaves and plants, variety of seasonal and exotic flowers etc. You will also be able to study barks of trees, the shapes and structures of trees, plants and shrubs, grass and wild flowers- if you are interested in nature and botanical drawings. 

-The place where you live- plains, mountains, desert area or beaches. These can be really a great inspiration for your artwork and design career. The vegetation, the animals, the scenic view will be very different from season to season and person to person.

I hope we have gathered enough inspirational prompts today. 

So, keep searching and keep gathering all the happy things that you find on your way in search of inspirations for your artworks!