Tuesday, March 1, 2011


    This design was something I found on the idol of MAA GURGA during the NAVRATRA . In one of the idols SHE was wearing this paisley as HER earlobes and on a crown . Most of the designs in HER jewellery are connected with paisley figures and having a hint of peacocks too .
   This pattern can also be converted as a dancing peacock if added a beak . All the petal shapes going upward can be taken as the tail . You'll find these type of peacock patterns very common in INDIA .      
    What I did was to change a bit here and a bit there as I wanted to use it as a yoke on my dress. Because the original pattern was made of cardboards and a lots and lots of gold and silver papers and gota works . I also used a lace of golden beads to highlight as well as to give an outline .Some sequins and bright embroidery threads did their work ...

       Hi , long time...no see . Exams my dear exams , not mine ( obviously) but of my two little daughters' , who never miss a chance to make me a ''student '' each time the exam-season comes !!

      Well , embroidery is something I love doing , like many of you . There is a charm in embroidery , a delicacy , a richness which it gives to the fabric and changes the whole look of the things---whether it is a dress , or a wall panel ,or a pillow cover a or it may be a curtain or even a small piece like a hankie.....
      Like the vastness of surfaces , the design too is vast ---- from floral to animals , from landscape to human figures , from abstract and dreamy to something scary ...., from DIWALI to CHRISTMAS , from spirals to paisleys.....the theme goes on and on....But there are a few themes that never go outdated , for instance take paisleys .
      Now today I'm mostly turning towards paisleys ---every body's all time favourite . And you find it everywhere ----in CHRISTMAS cards , wall papers , stoles , jewellery , embroidered panels . This theme is so common and versatile that you'll find it on the cotton sari pallus also , and some intricate INDIAN ( MUGHAL ) paintings , and on the hands of the brides... yes , not to forget all those beautiful mehendi ( henna ) designs by which we girls ( ladies now !! ) decorated our hands and feet at the times of any festivals , holidays and of course our ''marriage '' !
     So this March I'm going to spend my time drawing paisley patterns for embroidering , painting , stencilling , stamping , screening ..... to name a few . So here goes my first paisley collection ..... Just stepping back in time hunting from my old photos are some memories to which time and again I come repeatedly searching new ideas . Well , yes , you can never go wrong where paisleys are concerned . Such huge variety , shapes , colours , charm , that no one can help but stop to have just a glimpse of it .... .

                        More photos you'll find here http://www.flickr.com/photos/29556923@N07/