Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Henna-inspired paisley


        Try making this pattern on your hands as a henna design, or on other surfaces you prefer. Like painting on bed sheets , tablecloths , stoles , curtains ,cushions , wall panel ( like this one I made ) ...the playgrounds are endless . I said '' playground '' because creating something is similar to playing...as I think !!! ...Starting with a very common and simple paisley pattern , I gave it a henna-inspired touch . A step by step process is shown here...go ahead , discover a paisley beauty !

closeups of the pencil sketches...

for the first time I've tried my ( not-so-new ) water colour pencils...and see I'm loving it !!

closeup...I gave some touches with wet brush on all the pinks and browns , and dabbed the blue background and mixed all the pencil lines.

                                                                      ...finished .