Thursday, May 2, 2013



                    Bright and beautiful butterflies in different colorways, and backgrounds to choose from. Today I'll not ask you--- which one is your fav...? As I have a crush on all things bright (and beautiful), so I love each one of them !!! No, seriously, not kidding !

                  Well, now, the next question is--- What exactly are these? Hmmm... , so my answer is--- Simple. these are all patterns in 12''x12'' or A4 size, ready to be used as a small gift wrap, tags, paper envelops, paper bags, craft material for school projects, .... and the list is endless !

                Ahaa..., why not print these out at your home, and fold it up to be used as your next movie-party 'popcorn paper packets''......! Whoa man, I'm indeed quite intelligent, isn't it ?

            The trick is to use these cute and pretty 'butterfly' papers in any way possible ! NO ???? Oh, yes, now you get the idea... so no more waiting--- here comes the ''digital download papers' for your own use !

           Just think of some creative and funny ways to use it , and tadaaaa... !

see you all soooooon.