Thursday, May 2, 2013

old sketches.....


                           Today I thought of sharing some of my old sketches, in the form of old memories !!!

         I love to go back, time and again, in search of my long-forgotten ideas. I keep all my  ideas in the form of rough sketches when I'm in a hurry... And  later on I develop these in icons/motifs and patterns to be used as repeats on textiles, wallpaper, cushions, invitation cards, etc !

          But there are still left in my sketch collection which I haven't started yet.

           Some of these designs have ended as an embroidery on my own outfits ! Yes, I do love to sew my clothes... and love to decorate with my own designs too ! Nothing surprising in this, isn't it ? Why not try to experiment some of the designs first on my own fabric and see the effect it gives, before sending it out to the world !

Some of them are for sale in my Society 6 store, and some are in my Spoonflower fabric store... And a few were done for Tigerprint design contests, and a few are still waiting to be used somewhere !

           Ahaa... quite a lot are these for today's showcase !

Have a lovely week, happy designing !

These are all my original works and ideas, so I request you all to enjoy your visit here, but please do not copy or use any of my designs for commercial purposes. If you want any of my motifs/ patterns, then please contact me here through mailing me... I'll love that, and it takes only a minute or two...!