Sunday, June 30, 2013

towards a great journey....

Hello everyone,

                   Today I want to share with you about a BIG event ...

I'm starting something new in my blog, and something that I've never done before !!!

OK, no more secrets.

         From my next post I'll be inviting artists and designers from all over the world to be a part of my blog !

 Yes, I'll  feature artists and designers here to share their personal life (a bit), and their professional journey with us. They'll also give you some tips on ''HOW TO...'' keep yourself motivated in your work, and they'll also give you the great list of  the ''DO's and  DON'T's '' in your career... In between, I'll be inviting some people as a guest in my special ''GUEST POSTS'' too !

        Exciting, isn't it ...? Yeah, I, too, feel super excited with this idea.

         I'll keep on posting my new patterns and products here for you !!!