Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Artist showcase -1 .. Tracy Viverretta

       A ''BIG'' hello to all my lovely readers,

                 From today I'm starting an artist & designer showcase.

            My first artist is Tracy Viverretta. She is a  full-time, freelance illustrator, recycling crafter and D.I.Y. expert. I just love her work. Simple hand drawn cute and pretty ladies with those super cute hair styles... !!!

Before I start my interview with her, I want to tell you something more about Tracy. Not many people know that she features artists in her lovely blog ...  And, I was actually ''introduced '' to this world of creativity through her blog !!!

     I'm honoured to have her here...

Please scroll down to read more about her in this small interview ...

 How Long Have You Been Creating?  Since childhood. As a child, I was always making things by hand – dolls, pillows, quilts, clothing, embroidery, etc. I don’t remember always drawing when I was young, but I do remember ALWAYS making fun and functional things. As a junior in high school, I did do some drawing, but that was it for my art (not crafty), inclinations until 1994. I didn’t know that 1994 would mark the beginning of me finding my absolute passion. In that year, I launched a monthly publication called Kid’s Press – to encourage inner-city children to develop a love of reading. (I found out many years later that this publication was called a “zine”). While writing, illustrating and editing all the content, I thought I was on my way to becoming a writer of children’s books, but what I didn’t anticipate was falling very much in love with drawing and illustrating. My sweet, little, children’s publication lasted for 7 years and then, I guess you could say my art career officially started.

What Inspires You? Everything in life....faces, (I love faces), words, language, unique characteristics of different faces, people who love themselves as they physically are, letters, books, children’s literature, positive things people do, positive things people say, nice, kind people, happy people, travel, my definition of beauty, innocence (in adults and children), animation, crayons, handmade anything, vintage photos, papers, all things vintage, animals, children, things children say, laughter, kindness, smiles, simplicity, life, color, different cultures, being in the moment and cherishing that moment, non materialism…..I could go on and on – most everything inspires me.

What Mediums Do You Use?  I've used various different mediums - acrylics, charcoal, pastels, collage, textiles, needlework, mixed media, pen and ink, but my favorite medium of all time with regard to art is pencils - colored pencils. I also love regular writing pencils. Pencils! Pencils! Pencils! (lol) When it comes to crafty, functional stuff, I love sewing. I cannot live without at least one sewing machine because I love to make everything - and I love recycling everything too!

Do You Have Any Formal Training? If So, Where Did You Study? I've never taken an art class in my life. My creative tendencies are completely innate. I kind of wish I was into art when I was in college in France. France would’ve been a wonderful place to study art. On the other hand, I very much love the road I traveled leading me into the world of art. I would like to one day take a class in printing and metalsmithing, but my work and handmakery adventures keep me quite busy, so I don't know when that will happen, but you can keep up with what I'm doing on my personal blog at Tracyville.

 Where Can People Find You And Your Work? Here are my links:
Business Bloghttp://onebrowncrafter.blogspot.com/ (where I feature the work of other artists)


Any Last Things You Want To Share?  
 Yes.  I want to thank you so much Nandita for this opportunity to share my work with your readers. 
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           Thank you reading this interview!  Smile always !!!

Have a lovely day,  see you soon ....