Saturday, June 20, 2015

New pattern collection + a step-by-step guide


         How are you? I'm perfectly fine.
Yes, I know its been a long time since I posted anything here in my 'BLOG-LOVELY-BLOG!!!

 Today I have something special and something new here, very new. Today I'm going to share a brand new pattern + a step-by-step guide (tutorial) too. Yeah!

I know this process is very simple but it is always good to start with simple motifs and simple designs (and simple process) if you are a beginner.

OK, many of you (designers) already know about Adobe Illustrator. I have made this pattern in AI (Adobe Illustrator) with the help of only one tool--- BLOB Brush tool!

But I must tell you that this is not the only method to create patterns in AI. There are other ways and other tools too. And not to forget the tradition way of drawing... pencil and paper!

So, lets get started---

You will find this tool just below the Paintbrush tool. If you can't see the tools, no problem. Just go to WINDOW>TOOLS.

Step one- Open a new document (art board) in AI. Click 'File>New and choose the art-board size of your choice. I took 4in x 4in square.
Click on the BLOB Brush tool and draw a flower, a simple freehand flower.

Now click on the Direct Selection tool (white arrow) and select the inner outline of your flower (not the outer outline). Click the delete button and WOW you have completely filled the flower in a solid colour, no outline to be seen. Actually, with this process you remove the inner white space and fill the object completely. Now you have a flower motif in two ways-- outline and filled! I took the 'filled' ones for my pattern.

Draw a star-shaped icon and remove the white space with the same process as you did with the flower motif.

Now choose a lovely colour palette for your flowers. This part is my favourite. I love colours. I selected some Spring/Summer colours here.

Want to experiment more with your motif? Add a few details and dots to it, again, with the Blob Brush!

Well, I was not very satisfied with the flowers. It seemed to me that something was missing in them... Ummm... yes, some more details needed. I added a few drop-shapes in them and now it looks complete.

 Arrange these flowers to make a pattern, overlapping, sometimes, if needed.
And, here you have a colourful floral pattern in seamless repeat for home furnishing, kids' wall paper, pillows, dresses, wrapping papers and other stationery products...

That was fun creating a pattern, isn't it? What do you think of this pattern, and where would you like to see this?

Got any questions or any other queries about creating patterns,..? Please mail me!

Happy Weekend!