Monday, November 9, 2015

Boho - reviving the past!

Hello dear friends,
        How are you? Just thought of sharing with you some of my newest designs in Kessinhouse.

This geometrical design, 'Bright Squares in Blue', was originally made by my daughter 4 years ago, sometimes in June 2011! I love her designs very much. I thought of giving it a new life... I made this design in three different colour ways.

Bright Squares in Blue---

Bright Squares in Coral---

Now, while talking of going back in the past in search of some old designs, I found this paisley-shaped motifs in black and white. I added a few more details. Then tried out some candy colours to it too!

All the links of the original designs are in bold RED colours. Click the link to go to the original pages.

Boho in Black and White----

Boho in multicolour---

You can see the full range of products in my Kessinhouse store.

Have a lovely day!