Saturday, August 20, 2016

Life with Lilla Rogers, Part-3

Hello lovelies!

       Last week I entered Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search competition. The brief was super lovely and super fun. Lilla gave us a fictional character, Sunny Spindler, who owns a charming candy shop and café. Lilla asked the participants to design a teacup and napkin set for Sunny’s beautiful café -- teacup + saucer + napkin. She provided us with tons of inspiration and reference from photographs to get us motivated.

      Lilla gives the brief in such a descriptive way so that the readers can actually visualise the whole scene. She makes her readers go deep into the brief and enjoy the moments, play with the characters/or play the characters themselves, and then think about what the character would actually do in that situation.

     I first planned to make an elaborated tea set --- a tray containing a milk pot, sugar pot, biscuits and tea bags, etc. But then thought why only one tea set? If I am 'SUNNY' myself then I can't have only one type of tea cups for my customers. No way. I am a bohemian myself. I love mix and match things in my home. I never drink my 'masala chai' in the same tea cups/mug daily then why torture my customers??? NOPE!

    Then the Sunny in me created a 'Mix and Match' tea set for my cute shop. I think the customers would love to have their favourite tea served in these cups. Don't you think the same?

   The typography idea was from my daughter. Infact, my name in the above image is written by my 12 year old daughter! It looks so lovely there, and it goes perfectly with the overall mix 'n' match idea too.

   Hope you love my work.
   Happy weekend!