Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life with Lilla Rogers, Part 2

Hello dear friends!

     I am so happy to share with you all the assignments of  Lilla Rogers, MATS-B. As you know I really loved doing MATS-A (you can read about it here). MATS-B was equally exciting and (a bit) challenging.

     OK, before I start with the first assignment, let me tell you about the top image. This was my submission for the 'Uppercase Magazine' cover page. YES! Although my work didn't get selected but it was a great fun to think about all those gorgeous colour palettes, and prints and patterns that the fabric market covers. I chose a few Abstract patterns, Gingham, Kids (cutie birds), Ikat, Chevrons, Geometrical, Vintage/Retro, Dots and spots, Arabic/Persian, Floral etc. I restricted myself to a limited colour palette (that was the hardest part! You know I am totally in love with all those bright colours)... But I think it came out quite fabulous. I personally love this cover page and would love love love to have it printed on my first 'print and pattern' book as a cover page! Don't you think so? Hmm...? I named it 'GLOBAL EXPLOSION' --- an explosion of world's popular fabric print categories!

    So, let us start with the 'Baby Apparel' market (my favourite!). I named it 'Good Luck Baby!' Bright colours, sweet floral and stripes patterns for her dresses, soft boots for her tiny feet, embroidered bibs etc. I added some accessories with this baby collection- a doll and cute bangles... I can't think a baby girl without these :)

  The second is the 'Editorial' market, and our job was to make our city map/any city map. I currently live in New Delhi, so I thought of creating a lovely illustrated map of Delhi.

     Next is the huge 'Paper Market'-the greeting card market! We were given to create a winter holiday cookie card, non-religious.

     Now comes another category in this paper market- the 'Party Paper'. The theme was Ukranian folk art.

  Another large category in paper market is the 'Scrapbooking' market, and our assignment was to create a Vintage Cruise Themed scrapbooking papers and clip arts. I tried my best to create a vintage cruise themed setting...

 Hope you enjoyed my MATS journey with me!

 Thank you.
Have a lovely time...