Monday, June 13, 2016

Life with Lilla Rogers, Part-1

Hello dear friends,
                    How are you? Hope you all are absolutely fine. I am fine too!

This month I was busy with my online course with Lilla Rogers, Make Art That Sells-A. I thought of sharing all my submissions after completing my MATS-A (Part 1). So, here are all the assignments that I submitted according to the particular market.

I loved creating each and every project that was given to us. Some were simple to do and some really challenged me (but in a good way)! For example, the book cover assignment for kids... My first reaction to it was oh no, character drawing, grrr... But then I thought 'it is very easy to quit what you don't love doing but it is tough to accept it as it is...'. So, I accepted the challenge and drew a cat, a princess, a prince, and (ahem) a horse with wooden look. Although I know that character drawing is not my forte, yet I did it, and now I am not afraid of drawing human figures or animal characters anymore. YIPPEE...


Creating icons/motifs for home decor was my favourite assignment. You know I like making surface  patterns. Here the theme was Staffordshire Pottery. Drawing birds and other figures that were commonly used in these pottery. I chose a bird and a 'hen-in-her-basket' (as a tag). The flowers are also taken from the Staffordshire pottery, but done in my way.                          


'The White Cat'. written by Madame la Comtesse  D'aulnoy 1682, illustrated by me! I love the effect of the dense forest where the 'White Cat' lived. I loved giving it a little vintage look. I enjoyed doing the textures, the greenery, the wooden horse, and the bright shiny blue eyes, and ''... and we lived happily ever after'' text! 


The wall art assignment was limited to two colours- Yellow and Green, with the additional use of taupe, grey, brown, beige and neutral colours. I used a lots of textures here. We were allowed to have fun-UNLIMITED! No boundaries, no limitations, just plain fun. I created a wall art piece that I would love to decorate my living area with. 
I wrote this quote for myself, its very inspiring, isn't it?

About my vintage kitchen collection I have already written a full blog post. You can read it here.

Doing peacocks and butterflies, flowers and twigs, patterns and textures etc. for a really big carry-all pouch was total fun to do. I am so happy with the dramatic look. Revealing a little secret- I had never ever drawn a real peacock before, really. This happens when you join an e-course you love, you do whatever you are told to, but with love... I added some tiny coin purse mock-ups. I love love love the key chains. Won't you love to have a pretty butterfly as your hand bag accessory, or some pompoms attached to your purses? I would love to have those small lovely accessories for me too...

Yes, this WAS a bit long blog post than I imagined. Hope you enjoyed it with me. See you all very soon!