Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cook With Love-kitchen collection

Hello dear friends!

                 Recently (a week ago) I joined Lilla Rogers ecourse- MATS-A. Should I say that the course is simple wonderful? Or do you want to hear that Lila is a superb teacher??? Ahaa! Yes, you guessed right. MATS-A is a super-duper ecourse, and Lila Rogers is the kind of teacher we all want in our lives if we want to achieve something more that just great!

        The ecourse (MATS-A/Make Art That Sells-part A) is packed with Lila's great knowledge-- lots of videos and PDF's to read & download, and lovely assignments to do.

      I have completed my first week- Bolt Fabric Market.

       My assignment was to create a print for the bolt fabric market. The brief that Lila gave was to create a 'VINTAGE KITCHEN THEME', Pyrex, macaroni/pasta, herbs, etc. The colours should be no more that 10, with a dark background.

      I loved to draw something that I had never tried before- food and kitchen utensils... But, it was such a fun to draw the jars, casseroles, salt and pepper shakers, spoons and forks etc. I took the liberty to add some vintage patterns too...

   I love this 'vintage kitchen collection' in bright yet vintage-y colours... I hope you love it too!

See you soon...