Friday, May 31, 2013

swirls and more...

          hello everyone ,
                                    a very very HAPPY EASTER to all of you ,

         As , this whole month was dedicated to the swirly and curly pattern , I did my best to give as much patterns as possible . Now today , being the last week of this swirly designs , I'll surely not disappoint you . It doesn't mean that no more swirls to be posted by me ---- oh , no no ! It simply mean that from the next month I'll be giving some other theme .
        So starting from the first pattern ----- a simple floral pattern with leaves . Paint it or embroider it , using golden metallic touch for a royal effect . Little bit of sequins and beads can be added .

floral pattern

        ....leaf pattern with lots and lots of swirls to be embroidered or painted over the green colour .

leaf pattern

  ...curly pattern in multicolour . Do cord work embroidery , or print as fashion fabric , or for wall papers etc.

cord embroidery,fashion fabric

       ....the same pattern in black and white ,

cord embroidery,b&w

     ...embroidery pattern in black and white ( or any colour of your choice ) , in running stitch with a french knot at the end . The flower is filled with satin stitch , with some  sequins in the center .

running stitch flower pattern with sequins

   ...this swirly pattern in various colours can be used best in paper --- as wall paper or for gift wraps etc.

swirls on my wall

      ...another border embroidery pattern to be used as a print , too . Done in chain stitch with flowers in lazy-daisy stitch , ending with yellow star stitches all over . You can add a french knot or a very small bead in each center .

border design in chain stitch must have seen fire works at night --- the way it rotates scattering fire trails all around . This ''heart '' fire work will surely be loved by everyone . Do it on your pillow case , on curtains , on table-runners etc. , or print it on fabric or paper , it will enchant anyone .

''hearts''fire work'll love this swirly pattern in black and white ( please , choose your own colour ) , done in satin stitch . A-never-ending-rotation pattern --- like our very own ''galaxy '' .


   ...this one is one of the best tile art for your bath time fun .

bath-time splash !

   ... another one , too waiting to be splashed ... This pattern can also be printed as border in fashion fabrics... Rows and rows of  multicolour circles over a wavy ribbon .

waves of circles

 the end is my one of the favourite . Done in very light and cool shades to be loved by all. Do it in chain stitch as a border on your dress or print it --- the choice is all yours.

wavy chains

                                                               ...see you next week .