Friday, May 31, 2013

sunshine .....

           Hi ,

                       Today's theme is very much Indian and so very very bright too . '' SUN , OM , and the chantings of HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA '' , from our temples  ,  in bright and bolder hues to give that especial positive energy which we all need in our lives specially during our prayer and meditation times .

                      Apart from this you can paint this cute and simple sun motif  for the gipsy look in your stoles , skirts ,bags ... A little bit of golden touches here and there , and a handful of sequins thrown in ... ( oops ...! here comes my love of glitter --- sequins again ) .

                         Now , this reminds me of making one such SUN for my home too ... OK , I'll start making it today only and show it to you all in my next post . Hope I finish it in time !

                  Our very own SUN

                   Half Sun print

               in red

                   once again half sun

                       more variations

                     red and yellow and gold !!!

                       sun in teal background

                 See you all next week ...