Friday, May 31, 2013

swirls, continued...

   hello there,

            Life is sometimes so full of designs. Like the smoke rising from a hearth of burning coal, fresh and peculiar scent fills the morning air ( in country side, and in major part of India, too ), and the very same starts with the setting of the sun, in the evenings...

            Today a few of my designs will resemble that smoky dawns and those smoky-dusky-evenings of the country side India with some dreamy and imaginary patterns to be used in a quite modern way...

     Black and white...a classic combination. Use this design on the kitchen or bathroom tiles. Using it one  after another--- it will surely create a wonder.


          Sometimes in a coloured form ( please, choose the colours of your choice). Using it in the kids room will give a dreamy as well as a very dramatic look. Teaming up with equally bright (door and bed) mats and flowing-colourful drapes on the windows, some soft throws on the cosy rug, cool-cotton bed sheets,.... uhhhh...the dream goes on...
           Use it as a framed wall-piece ( embroidered or painted...), paint it on bedsheets,or trays, ect., the choice is yours.

                  Paint or patch this one for a wall panel, or on spreads for trays, stencil or embroider it as a long border on towels, bedcovers, or even on curtains, ( finish the edges of bed linens and curtains by stitching a  2-3''  contrast cloth for a neat look. Laces, small cloth-balls, triangled edges, frills... choose any ends to make it look more charming and  '' I-use-it-more-often-piece ''.

            Some modern piece for using it otherwise. A '' starting-from-nowhere-ending-everywhere '' pattern. Have this painted on the door, or on glass panes, or, better still, as a wall art !!! Stencil-paint it directly on the walls and see the neighbours peeping in for more...! Team it up with a contrast-solid coloured border on either sides or only on the bottom side for a finish look.

               Designs for everyday use...for stained-glass windows, or embroidered pieces...this will look great on any surface.Having a modern and vintage touch, it will suit any life-style and soothe to all eyes. Print it or paint it, the soft pastle colours will look good on bed spreads, too.

           A cool Summer print, especially for dress materials. The bordered edges on the sleeves and the fall ( of a flowing tunic ) will look nice and trendy. A light embroidery or some sequins ( or mirror work ) will give delicacy to the garment.

           Well, why don't you have your doors painted, this season ??? Yeah sure, this design will surely give any door, a brand new look ! So its high time you give your ( at least one ) door , its due...and i'm sure you'll love it, too.


               A bright and multi-hued-square piece for your wall. Have it painted directly on a ply-board or on a large canvas. Keeping it ' a-one-piece-attraction ',  the room won't need any other accessory, other than this, i bet. Won't you think the same???

            Once again, a print for keeping oneself cool this summer. Aqua and black combi suits all.

.have a nice week till we meet next